School Photography

School Photography

America’s Best Event Photography is here for all your school’s photography needs. We specialize in preschool photography, and our photographers are amazing with your little ones. Contact us to schedule your school for your yearly photos!

What we do for you:
We offer our photographic services within a 150-mile radius of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Our Fort Worth-based company will provide your school or preschool with incredible photos! We offer multiple and varied packages for all sizes of classes and schools to ensure that we stay within your budget. Check out the photography gallery on this website to see some of the work we’ve done and the quality of the work we can do for your school!

How we do what we do for you:

If you’re wondering how we provide the best Texas preschool photography, it’s pretty straightforward! 

  • We use professional Canon photo equipment.
  • All our preschool photographers are rigorously trained to our exacting specifications for infant and toddler portraits so that you’re guaranteed consistent, quality service every year. 
  • We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service representatives who will walk you through the process.

Where we do what we do for you:

  • When you schedule a photo shoot with us, our professionally trained photographers will travel to your site with gear to make your photos a success.
  • You will want a photo background that looks great and perhaps adheres to a theme, such as the season, a theme, or an upcoming holiday. We offer many different backgrounds, and we allow you to choose the ones you like most.

When we do what we do for you:

  • We photograph at preschools Mondays through Fridays, working with your amazing teachers. 
  • While we are at preschools, we find it’s best to work with the babies and toddlers during the early part of the day when they’re less fussy, and we try to be finished by lunch and nap times!
  • We’re committed to taking care of all of your needs, because we want to make sure that every experience you have with America’s Best Event Photography is a positive one!  For instance, in case some of your students have to miss the photo session with our photographer, we’ll arrange for them to come to our office in south Fort Worth at 3110 SE Loop 820. Our studio there is set up all the time for your convenience so that we can take those final photos, and nobody has to miss out.

Choose your photos online

  • Our own in-house photo lab in Fort Worth processes all photographs and most products, ensuring quick turnaround times.
  • Our goal is to deliver your photos and other photographic products in three weeks or less at prices families can afford!  
  • We have full-time customer service reps dedicated to helping our customers with their orders.

Our incentives

We offer a wide range of incentives, rebates, and fundraising programs to make sure we will be a perfect fit for your organization. We have created a pricing structure that gives families quality portraits at affordable pricing, and our services come with rebates that give money back to your school to help fund activities and to purchase supplies. America’s Best Event Photography also offers hundreds of photo products, such as fleece blankets, water bottles, throw pillows, and photo plaques, if you prefer those for your school instead of financial rebates.

Get in touch!

Contact us today for more information on how to schedule a photography event and to get your free estimate. Just click on our Contact Us page or reach out to America’s Best Event Photography today at 817-288-3050.