America’s Best Event Photography provides photographic services in the Dallas Fort Worth area as well as North Texas and Waco. Our Texas sports photography company not only provides sports photographs to youth sporting leagues but we also provide preschool photography, civil service photography, photo booth rentals and school photography. We offer a wide range of incentives, rebates and fundraising programs to make sure we will be a perfect fit with your organization. We have created a pricing structure that gives families quality portraits at affordable pricing, while also giving back to your school or sports league. We will set an amount of money directly to help fund activities, purchase supplies, etc.


Sports Photography:

When your team needs Texas sports photography, Americas Best Event Photography is here to help with over 25 years of sports photography experience! We provide photography services for basketball teams, Baseball teams, softball teams, little league teams, cheer teams, and many more! We use light controlled tents to capture our individual images so that each and every photo of your league member is ensured to look the same! We use a queuing system to ensure that all of the players stay in an organized line and do not get out of order. When you are looking for Texas sports photography, you want a background to look great and match the players’ uniforms. This is why we have many different backgrounds we use and allow you to choose which one you like the most! We deliver photos and products in 3 weeks or less at a price families can afford! Visit our products page to see some of our options!


PreSchool Photography:

At America’s Best Event Photography, we love providing your school or preschool with incredible photos! We offer multiple different packages for different sizes of classes and schools that ensure we can stay within your budget! Check out our Texas sports photography and event photography gallery on our website to see some of the work we have done and what we can do for you and your school!


Civil Service Photography:

We at America’s Best Event Photography honor our servicemen and women and our first responders and offer a variety of services and products to capture and display your memories. We have a staff or professional photographers with state of the art equipment and digital technology that can turn your location into a professional studio. We take a variety of photographs for you and your family to choose from for your “Legacy” album. We have our own in-house photo lab so we have quick turnaround times and photos are mailed directly to our customer so there is no handling or hassle to your organization. If you want to order more photos, simply go to our website and we have a full time customer service rep dedicated to helping our customers! The head of your department will decide which uniform, pose and background will be used for the “Legacy” album. All members will be photographed in this manner for consistency throughout the album. It will be necessary for all members being photographed to have their complete uniform including their name tags. In addition to photographing your members, our professional photographers will be available to photograph groups while on location. These are usually scheduled at the primary location of your event and can include vehicles and equipment if desired. If you are thinking of including this in your event, contact our department liaison. Arrangements should be made before the photographer gets to your location to ensure there is enough time within the schedule. Promo shots represent pride in your city, county, or landmark. When you decide to work with America’s Best Event Photography, every department receives a promo shot. We offer two different options for you to choose from, a traditional portrait with very little photographic manipulation or our Gotham City style photo taken during sunrise or sunset. In this type of photo we will photograph the set to capture the vehicles, building or backdrop and the changing sky. With both of these options, you decide where you would like the photo taken, what you would like represented in the photo and what time of day you would like us to photograph. To dress up your office or headquarters, we offer a composite for purchase. All of the data will be based on the spreadsheets provided by the department and there will be an opportunity to view a proof to make sure that everything is correct. Another popular item that we offer is a professional style trading card that you can proudly pass out with your pertinent information.


Photo Booth Rentals:

Photo booths are one of our most popular items and especially for weddings, birthday parties and holiday events! We have numerous different props that your guests are going to love being goofy with their friends with!! Adding a photo booth to any event adds an extra benefit for your guests and will leave them with a fun take home item so that they never forget your incredible event! You will also receive a copy of all of the photos that were taken at your wedding or event. This way you can remember all of the friends and family members who made it out to your special day!


School Photography:

America’s Best Event Photography is here for all your school photography and Texas school photography needs. We specialize in preschool photography and have photographers that are amazing with your little ones. Contact us to schedule your school for your yearly photos!

Our Incentives:

We offer money back to your youth league Texas sports photography or preschool. America’s Best Event Photography offers trophies, medals and championship rings to name just a few of our award products if you would rather have that for your organization instead of money back. Our Texas sports photography offers many ideas on fundraising options such as yard signs, t-shirts and discount sponsor cards. This lets you not only get great photos of you and your team or organization’s but helps you get to your goals as well!


Our Giveback:

America’s Best Event Photography is passionate about the leagues we work with and want to help them grow! We have been blessed to be able to donate over $1,000,000 of funds, products, and much more to many youth leagues over the years! We believe that we have been blessed with incredible clients and we love to find ways to give back to them as a way to say thank you!

If you are considering using America’s Best Event Photography, don’t hesitate! We have worked with great organizations like the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader youth camp, the Dallas Cowboy youth football camp as well as the Texas Rangers youth camps and clinics, and we are booking up fast! Call us today at 817-288-3050 or visit our contact page and fill out our form and our team will be in contact with you shortly! Experience Texas’ highest rated and most reviewed sports photography company today!