About Us

America’s Best Event Photography provides premier Texas sports photography resources for youth sports and childrens’ events in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas and the surrounding areas.

Combining more than 40 years of photography experience and a staff of dedicated customer service specialists, America’s Best will provide you with the best Texas sports photography, professional youth photography, high quality products, competitive prices, custom packaging and exemplary customer satisfaction!

America’s Best Event Photography services a one hundred fifty mile radius near our Fort Worth based home office. Our client list includes pro teams such as the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Dallas Mavericks and the Texas Rangers. We also provide services for the youth sports market including football, baseball, hockey and basketball to individual sports like wrestling, karate, dance, cheerleading, and gymnastics. We can provide you and your organization with what is truly; “America’s Best Event Photography!”

We are a proud member of Professional Photographers of America and we have more than 50 team members to provide service to you and your organization. We have a loyal and strong client base of thousands of happy customers. We have a very high satisfaction rate and a strong positive reputation.

Why we do what we do:

To make money and make good financial business decisions to help future generations. To make a difference in the community. To provide customers with memories of their children. To provide jobs to employees so they can earn a living to provide for their family and fulfill their own dreams.

To provide excellent customer service. To provide goods and services that will help my community flourish. To help employees discover, develop and use their talents that God gave them to contribute to the world so they will find joy in their work and want to do it well.


What do we do:

We photograph youth sports, pro team youth camps, pro team youth tournaments, preschools, and corporate events. We have a photo booth for rent for weddings and events. We have a trophy and awards division to supply trophies, plaques, medals, championship rings and any type of awards to our youth leagues. We have thousands of promotional products, yeti type cups and wood engraved cutting boards. We have our own in – house photo lab for printing photos.

We do game day banners. Our game day banner program is a great way to display your favorite athletes during your sporting events. With a wide range of product designs to choose from, quick turnaround and affordable prices, this program is a perfect fit for any sports team or program.

Each banner is custom designed for your school including your school name, logo, colors, players names, jersey numbers and even sponsor logos if your team chooses to use this as a team fundraiser.


How do we do what we do:

If you are wondering how we provide the best Texas sports photography, here is how! We use Canon cameras to take our photos. When you schedule a photo shoot with us, one of our well trained photographers will travel to your site with gear to make your photos a success! We use light systems, green screens, backdrops, tripods, SD cards, batteries, and pop up tents to capture the perfect moment! All of our photographers are trained the same way so that we can ensure that you receive the same level of quality photos every time we visit!

We hire and train staff to take photos of many different subjects including infants, adults, sports teams, and schools! We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service representatives that will walk you through the process! We train all of our employees the same so that you are guaranteed quality service consistently throughout the years! We are committed to taking care of all of your needs and we want to make sure that every experience you have with Americas Best Event Photo is a positive one!

Where we do what we do:

At America’s Best Event Photography, we provide Texas sports photography services to the Dallas area, the Fort Worth area, and one hundred fifty miles around those cities.
One of the main benefits we offer with our photography services is that we are able to photograph at football fields, baseball fields, soccer fields, tennis courts, softball fields, basketball courts, volleyball courts, to name a few. We are not confined to a local studio so you don’t have to worry about transporting your entire team to an off-site location.


When we do what we do:

We are slammed all year long and we typically are at capacity during the fall and spring sports seasons. In the summer we are working with the Dallas Cowboy and Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader youth camps as well as the Texas Rangers youth camps and tournaments. We book out Texas sports photography sessions on Saturdays many weeks in advance and must receive a small notice before booking. Every Monday through Friday we are photographing preschools and working with countless great teachers. During the week while we are at preschools, we work with the babies during the early mornings so they are less fussy and to be finished by lunch and nap times.

If you or your organization is interested in scheduling a Texas sports photography session, a preschool photo shoot, or just a group photo session, reach out to Americas Best Event Photography today at 817-288-3050 or visit our website at ABSPhotography.com! Check out some of our reviews on Google or visit our website to watch some of our customer testimonials. Every session that we do with a sports team will receive free photos for the coach and the assistant coaches will receive half priced photos! Every session includes our satisfaction guarantee which means that, if you are not happy with your photos, we will make sure that you will be happy after you are finished working with Americas Best Event Photography. Call today for more information and to get your free estimate!